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Welcome to Der Rofl Haus!

We are an interactive Dead Like Me fan community dedicated to celebrating this awesome show in various silly ways. All are welcome to join--just read the rules first!


1. Be respectful. This applies to your fellow members, actors, and various opinions regarding the show. If you want to disagree with someone, that’s okay, but do it politely--there should be no bashing of any kind here.
2. Don’t be belligerent. It doesn’t matter who started it--if you have a problem, please take it to a moderator, or you could find yourself in trouble, too.
3. Content should not be gratuitously obscene. Swears are fine, but unless you’re alluding to something specifically from the show, it should not be too graphic. This comm is 14 and over for adult concepts; use your common sense, or we’ll moderate your posts. (If you’re not sure, it’s always okay to ask.)
4. Every entry you make should be interactive in some way--ask a question, have a gif party, a capslock post, etc.
5. This means that this is not the place for your DLM fic/fanart unless that somehow relates to what you’re asking other people to do--i.e. everyone ‘Shop silly hats onto your favorite character or write drabbles in which your favorite Doctor pays a visit.
6. Please put the word “MOIST” in the subject line of your application so we know you read the rules. If not, your request will be rejected!
7. If you’d like to advertise your DLM-related comm here, please ask a moderator first.
8. Try to keep it relevant to DLM, or at least the Fullerverse. (DLM, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, etc.)
9. tOgGlE iS rEaLlY aNnOyInG. Also, please try to type in proper words/sentences. EVEN IF IT’S IN CAPSLOCK. Obviously, this is a bit of a crack comm, so we’ll be a bit lenient; just use your judgment and try not to be obnoxious and we’ll be good.
10. You can have one or two small images outside the cut. Any more than that--or anything big--and it has to go under.

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